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    „Smart Belgrade“: 1,800 new sensors for EASIER PARKING

    The parking sensor system has become operational in the Stari grad municipality, where 1,800 of the devices have been installed, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic says, underlining that at the moment there are 5,500 parking sensors in the capital, in the municipalities of Vracar, Savski venac and Stari grad.

    Vesic points out that a total of 85 signs were placed at intersections, so drivers will be able to effortlessly get information about free spots in certain streets, and they will be able to choose a parking spot, assisted by the Parking Service app, available free of charge, because the app will guide them to it, the city administration has announced.

    „Not only do we thus want to show that Belgrade is becoming a ‘smart city’, but we are also providing citizens with services that are unavailable in many European cities,“ Vesic noted.

    The Secretariat for Traffic states that it takes approximately 30 minutes to find a parking spot in the very centre of the city, Vesic says, claiming that the installation of sensors will significantly reduce this time, while also reducing fuel consumption and pollution.

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