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    WB: Serbia is the best in the region

    In the World Bank’s latest global development report, Serbia is ranked 27th on the list of 157 countries ranked according to the human capital index.
    Our country is ranked right behind Belgium and Israel, recalls Simeon Djankov, Director of the World Bank’s Department for Development Economics.
    The World Bank has developed the HCI index for 157 countries to measure the contribution of human capital to the productivity of the next generation of workers.
    As a reminder, according to the HCI index, Serbia is ranked better than the countries in the region, since Macedonia is ranked 88th, Kosovo is 80th, Montenegro is 59th, Bosnia and Herzegovina is 58th, Albania is 56th, Bulgaria 44th, and Croatia is ranked 36th.
    At the presentation of the World Bank’s Global Development Report, which is dedicated this year to the changes in the nature of jobs caused by technological development and to human capital, Djankov said that the school education and the education that children in Serbia and the region were gaining at home were quite competitive at the international level.
    The IT and service sectors recorded the highest growth in opening job vacancies over the past five years. In particular, the number of travel agents increased, and there are currently five times more of them than in 2014.
    As he explains, the reason for this is the fact that there are more and more people who travel and who want an active holiday. „You do not have to worry about losing your job because robots cannot think like people and they do not have empathy. In Europe, we now have more and more countries that do not have enough workers because the number of residents is decreasing and they have to work as productively as possible,“ he said.

    Izvor: B92, Tanjug

    Foto: Pixabay

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