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    Serbia is a champion in the aging of the nation

    Due to the lowest population growth and the ever-growing departure of young people from the country, Serbia has an unfavourable age structure, because the average age is almost 43 years.
    Not only do we have the lowest population growth compared to all former Yugoslav republics, but we are also one of only 32 countries in the world that record the decline in the number of inhabitants.
    If the current demographic trends continue, the UN forecasts that in 2061, three million people fewer will live on the territory of Serbia than today.

    Demographer Goran Penev of the Institute of Social Sciences says in a statement for RTS that these forecasts also refer to the territory of Kosovo and Metohija.
    If some of our projections for Central Serbia and Vojvodina are realized, the number of inhabitants could drop by 20 to 30 percent, which is more than the UN projections, Penev said.
    He explains that many factors influence this trend – a low birth rate , departure of the population from the country and moderate prolongation of life expectancy.
    „Bearing in mind the aged population, the average age is 43 years, it is still more important that there are 33% more people over the age of 65 than people younger than 15. The age structure is completely skewed,“ said Penev.
    According to him, the whole world is getting older, but Serbia belongs to a group of countries with the demographically oldest population in the world. Giving birth at an older age and divorce rate affect the demographic image, but not to the extent that laymen believe, explains Penev.
    He warns that unfavourable demographic trends are continuing, and that in 2018, for the first time in the past 120 years in Serbia, the number of people born was lower than in the years following the First and Second Balkan Wars.

    Izvor: RTS, Politika

    Foto: Pixabay

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