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    Vucic about the GREAT DAY for Serbia: Gas from Bulgaria coming tomorrow

    The President Aleksandar Vucic stated that gas from Bulgaria should enter Serbia tomorrow, and that measuring stations are currently being checked at Vrska Cuka near Zajecar, where the „Balkan Stream“ gas pipeline enters Serbia.

    „I believe that everything will be in order tomorrow. A great day for Serbia, in the economic sense, for the population and industry,“ Vucic pointed out during his visit to Zajecar.

    He expressed gratitude to everyone who worked on the pipeline project.

    „Now we can receive gas from several different directions and that is a great thing for Serbia,“ said Vucic.

    He reminded that the pipes were laid from Vrska Cuka to the border with Hungary and emphasized that the project is important for the entire country.

    He added that work still needs to be done on the construction of the secondary gas pipeline, so that citizens have energy security and the cheapest heating in their homes.

    Vucic said that they are working on delivering gas to all towns of Timok and Bor districts, as well as to Vranje and Valjevo, in order to attract as many investors as possible.

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