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    Vojvodina the least forested region of Europe

    Vojvodina is the least forested region of Europe, with less than seven percent of its territory under forests.

    Most of its municipalities are not dealing with this problem at all, and they are not interested in competitions and funds allocated by the Province for afforestation, according to the survey of the „Let’s Afforest Vojvodina“ network, Euronews Serbia reports.

    A group of environmental organisations has launched a petition asking for the introduction of new legal obligations for local self-governments in order for the state and province to address this problem more seriously.

    Srbobran is the only one among 45 municipalities in Vojvodina with a multi-year afforestation plan, and the fact that this is not a legal obligation for municipalities makes them even more passive and uninterested, according to the “Let’s Afforest Vojvodina” network, which analysed how the afforestation of the province is planned and financed.

    „The conclusion is clear that there is neither the will nor, at this moment, any greater possibilities for a more serious path of afforestation of Vojvodina,“ says Dejan Maksimovic from the „Let’s Afforest Vojvodina“ network.

    Maksimovic notes that 150,000 hectares are currently under the forest, and that just as many should be afforested.  „It is a belt 17 kilometres wide and 100 kilometres long from Novi Sad to Subotica. Therefore, that is what we lack right now for optimum forestry,“ he explains.

    Izvor: Euronews

    Foto: BIZLife

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