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    Enforcement officers increase price of their services

    The Minister of Justice has prescribed changes to the Public Enforcement Officers’ Tariffs according to which the value of points increases from the current RSD 120 to RSD 150, excluding VAT.

    Since all the fees for the work of enforcement officers are expressed in points, this means that all the services will be more expensive. These changes were published in the Official Gazette on February 24, and they enter into force on March 4, according to N1 TV.

    “The new tariff will apply to enforcement and security procedures initiated as of the date of entry into force of this tariff,” according to the amendments published.

    In addition to the point being more expensive by RSD 30, the new Public Enforcement Tariff also increased the number of points for one service.

    Instead of 2.5 points, which is RSD 300 excluding VAT, for the service of delivery by mail to the parties, participants in the proceedings and the court, under the new amendments, the tariff will be 3.5 points, which is RSD 525 excluding VAT, for the service which, under the new rules includes – delivery by mail to the parties, participants in the proceedings, court, state bodies, legal entities, entrepreneurs and holders of public authority. That is an increase of 75% in dinars.

    The fee for the preparation, management and archiving of cases with the determined number of points is determined in tariff number 1 of this tariff.

    The amount of points for these fees, which depend on the value of the procedure, has not changed, but from March 4 the point will be more expensive by RSD 30 and it will amount to RSD 150, as well as for all the other services.

    Izvor: N1

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