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    Visa survey: 7 out of 10 MSMEs in Serbia are ready to use smartphones as POS terminals

    Contactless payments have had a lasting impact on global trade and behaviour of consumers, giving them the opportunity to shop safely and securely during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Nearly half of consumers (44 percent), according to a global survey done by Visa, have said they would no longer shop in stores that require contact with a cashier or payment device when paying.

    This information poses a challenge for domestic businesses, because, according to a new survey by Visa, „Click to a digital shop“, half of them (50 percent) use only the traditional POS terminal for card payments, which requires entering a PIN code.

    However, seven out of ten micro, small and medium enterprises (70 percent) in Serbia are open to new technologies and ready to accept contactless payments via a mobile app, according to the survey.

    The survey also showed that almost all the respondents from the category of medium-sized enterprises (98 percent), as well as 80 percent of them from the category of small enterprises and 67 percent from the category of micro enterprises, said that such an application could facilitate the process of accepting payments to their company. The majority of respondents cite convenience (59 percent), safety in the context of the pandemic (46 percent) and mobility (44 percent) as key advantages of using the so-called softPOS terminal compared to cash management, i.e. the possibility of accepting payments wherever their smartphone is located.

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