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    VIDEO INTERVIEW: Bosko Tomasevic for the latest issue of „BIZLife“ magazine (VIDEO)

    The CBRE Director General for Southeast Europe, Bosko Tomasevic stated that the coronavirus epidemic has not changed the real estate market in Serbia much.

    „Real estate is not a problem, people invest a lot in residential real estate because they have nowhere else to invest, as banks give low interest rates. Apartments are a safe way to save money“, said Tomasevic in an exclusive video interview for „BIZLife“ magazine.

    Check for more details in the video and read on the pages of the November issue of „BIZLife“ magazine in which leading people from the marketing and PR sector talk about the current situation and business challenges, as well as prospects for the next year within the „BIZkolegium“ project.

    Also, young managers explain why they chose to stay in Serbia and build their professional and personal life there, within the project of the Serbian Association of Managers.

    In addition, the leaders of world companies reveal how 2020 changed the ways of doing business for their companies.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: BIZLife

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