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    Vesic claims: Unemployment is not a problem – „it is almost non-existent“

    Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, has said that ecology does not refer only to air, ecology is also river pollution and afforestation. He added that more had been done in the last five years than for decades before, and that these were concrete results.

    As he added as a guest on TV Pink, „problems with pollution and environmental protection have existed for decades and the fact is that we are dealing with them because we have put aside other important issues, because we have solved them,“ reports Beoinfo.

    Vesic emphasized that when looking at public opinion polls, unemployment was not among the top twenty questions citizens asked, as it was almost non-existent. „It is the same with the construction of infrastructure, because highways are being built everywhere, and the subway is being built in Belgrade,“ he claims.

    „No one will mention poverty as a problem anymore, because we, as a state and society, have progressed, we have solved some basic problems, and medium-rich and rich societies pose questions related to ecology,“ Vesic said.

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