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    UPK: Complete COLLAPSE, Serbia at the BLACK level of lockdown

    The doctors’ association United Against Covid (UPK) has stated that the expert proposals for the control of the coronavirus were implemented late and that the current measures are „inadequate in the current dramatic situation“.

    They add that the inertia of the Crisis Staff and the Ministry of Health has led to „complete collapse, overcrowding of medical facilities and uncontrolled spread of the disease.“

    „In the last month alone, there have been two thirds of all the coronavirus infections since the beginning of the pandemic and one third of all the deaths, according to official numbers. According to our estimates, we are currently at the last, black level of lockdown according to the cascading proposal of measures (sent by the UPK),“ it is stated in the announcement.

    The association states that at the meeting with the Minister of Health, they proposed several simple steps that could be applied immediately with better logistics and organization, and without excessive financial losses.

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