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    TV BK, Kopernikus, Nova S and Kurir present reports for fifth frequency

    Television stations BK, Kopernikus, Nova S and Kurir have presented their program reports to the Council of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) in a competition in which one of them will receive the fifth permit for national coverage.

    According to the Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS), during the public talks, they discussed the quality and variety of content, financial self-sufficiency, production capacities, but also a possible monopoly on the media market.

    According to the UNS, REM Council’s President Olivera Zekic and member Judita Popovic pointed to a potential monopoly on the media market if Kopernikus TV receives a national frequency license, because this media company is owned by Zvezdan Milovanovic, twin brother of the owner of Prva TV and B92 TV.

    The representatives of Kopernikus denied the connection of these media companies, stating that they had submitted registration files to the REM Council proving that Zvezdan Milovanovic is the 100% owner of the media company and that there is no interdependence with the media group owned by his brother Srdjan.

    The representatives of Nova S TV talked about their contribution to society in media pluralism, and in relation to the report from the previous competition, as a change, they singled out that the entertainment program that will be made by Danijela Buzurovic, who recently left Prva TV, was expanded.

    Advertising and the overall share of their own production were singled out as their strengths by the representatives of Kurir TV, and they also cited initiatives within media associations, as well as cooperation with the Serbian Orthodox Church, which will enable the production of the program with religious content.

    Public conversations with media service providers also included lawsuits filed by Kurir against Judita Popovic and REM.

    As they said, Popovic was sued for claiming that the owner of this media company Igor Zezelj cursed her at the last presentation of the report, which, according to them, is not true.

    During the presentation of the report, the representatives of BK TV pointed out that their program goal was true and timely information.

    The TV station, according to the representatives of the company, will focus on socially responsible topics and multinational content.

    Zekic said that this time there would be no tours of media outlets, because the technical capacities could not have changed significantly since the last time the licenses for national coverage were granted.

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    Foto: Pixabay, Beta

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