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    Turkish investor closes factory in Kragujevac, workers lose severance pay

    Turkey’s Bertex Textile factory, which had been operating in Kragujevac so far, was closed down and the facility in which it was located had been put up for sale.

    This information was confirmed by the City Administration in Kragujevac, but they have no information as to why the factory was closed.

    As it is stated, it is a privately-owned company over which the local self-government has no jurisdiction, and no worker has contacted the City for help.

    Some Kragujevac-based media reported earlier that the employer „suddenly decided to leave“, and that the workers were left without salaries.

    It is stated that the workers were not paid salaries for September, part for October, as well as unpaid compensation for transport and unused vacation days.

    Most of the workers were declared redundant at the weekend and left the company without severance pay.

    The Independent Trade Union of Kragujevac did not know anything about the shutting down of the factory.

    The Turkish company received subsidies from the state when it launched its business.


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