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    Three quarters of Serbian companies prefer using electronic invoices instead of paper ones

    Preparing for the new online fiscalization and digital invoicing, the implementation of which will begin next year, Serbian businesses show a positive attitude towards the use of electronic invoices.

    According to a survey done by Visa „Click to Digital Commerce“, almost three quarters (71 percent) of domestic companies say they would prefer using electronic instead of printed invoices.

    Data from the latest study on business perception, which Visa conducted this year among micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, indicate that businessmen in Serbia are rapidly turning to new forms of invoicing.

    Electronic invoices provide benefits for both businesses and consumers. They are practical, secure and save costs on administrative and operational activities, such as the purchase of paper and the cost of managing printing devices.

    Due to the expected comfort, Serbian companies of all sizes (74 percent) believe that e-invoices will be well received by customers as well.

    Vladimir Djordjevic, General Manager of the Visa company for the region of Southeast Europe, points out that the great interest in electronic invoices is a signal that Serbian companies are increasingly opting for digital processes, which are in line with sustainable business practices.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Visa

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