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    „Since October last year, 92,300 returnees from the diaspora“

    Since October last year, 92,300 citizens have returned to Serbia from abroad, and most of them are highly educated, said Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic at the fourth annual conference „Talents Online  4.0“.

    According to the Prime Minister, based on the data of the UNDP team, migrations are monitored, i.e. the net difference between inflow and outflow from the country in an informal manner, as she explained, through Facebook’s advertising algorithm.

    Brnabic pointed out that at the same time there was still a problem with low-skilled labour force in the sectors such as drivers, electricians and welders, who are leaving „to seek their fortune in the countries of Western Europe“.

    „We are now looking at how to solve this problem, for them to stay and return to Serbia, which I believe we will succeed in as our economic growth becomes more dynamic and we have more and more foreign and domestic investors,“ Brnabic said.

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