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    Banks introduce NEW FEES as of January

    Many banks have raised fees this year, and now they announce new, higher costs for next year as well. Some have already increased their account maintenance fees, and some have announced that they will charge fees they have never charged before.

    Not all the banks will do the same, but it is certain that many will increase the costs of account maintenance, SMS notifications, and the use of ATMs and cash payments. Some services will be 10 to 20 percent more expensive, but there will also be banks whose fees will rise even higher than that, the Blic daily reports.

    A bank has recently informed clients that it is raising the price of account maintenance from RSD 370 per month to almost RSD 500.

    Another bank surprised its clients with a new fee. As the bank stated in a notification, the maintenance of the foreign currency account will be charged from next year. It will cost a little more than RSD 100 a month and the fee will be deducted from the foreign currency account, i.e. savings.

    In some banks, SMS notifications will be more expensive, which already rose in price from RSD 70 to RSD 100 per month this year alone. We should also count on the possibility of banks raising the fee for the payment of cash at the ATM of another bank, which has risen from RSD 150 to RSD 200 in one of the banks this year.

    The list also includes the card replacement service if a card is stolen or lost, which costs around RSD 450 on average this year.

    Izvor: BIic

    Foto: Pixabay

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