The minister called on inspectors to be brutal

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    The minister called on inspectors to be brutal

    Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Zoran Djordjevic, has appealed today to labour inspectors to be even more rigorous and “more brutal” towards employers who employ workers illegally.

    Djordjevic said that, in the future, the website of the Ministry would post the lists of the companies that had not complied with the law, so that these employers would be ashamed, because what they were doing was against the interests of citizens.

    “I am asking the inspectors to have not only zero tolerance from now on, but to also be much more brutal in punishing,” Djordjevic said at a meeting in Belgrade attended by the inspectors from the capital and heads of the departments from Serbia.

    He said that inspectors should put 110 percent of their effort, respond to abuses even outside their work hours, and in return, the best inspectors will be rewarded.

    After a meeting with inspectors, Djordjevic said he was very worried because the inspectors, in an announced urgent inspection, discovered five workers who worked illegally in Belgrade.

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