The CIA “scanned” us, these are their observations

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    The CIA “scanned” us, these are their observations

    The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has pointed out, in its latest report, as the advantages of Serbia, “relatively inexpensive and skilled labour force” as well as free trade agreements with the EU, Russia and Turkey.

    As the main economic challenges, the CIA has highlighted stagnant household incomes, the need to create new jobs in the private sector, structural reforms of state-owned enterprises, and public sector reform.

    As the other challenges, it marked inefficient justice system, a high level of corruption and the aging of the population.

    The CIA report also mentions that Serbia is a “transshipment point” for heroin from Southeast Asia to Western Europe, and that it has a “money-laundering-sensitive” economy.

    In the chapter of the report on international issues, it is stated that Serbia protests because the USA and other countries have recognized the independence of Kosovo.

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