Average salaries per sector: From RSD 29,000 to RSD 133,000

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    Average salaries per sector: From RSD 29,000 to RSD 133,000

    The average salary in August, according to the official statistics, amounted to RSD 49,773, i.e. EUR 421, and only in three sectors, net salaries exceeded RSD 100,000.

    The highest August net salary was paid in air traffic – RSD 133,879, which is almost three average republic salaries. The average salary of the employees in the sector of mining services in August amounted to RSD 111,951 and of those working in the sector of IT programming and consulting services amounted to RSD 111,215.

    Out of 18 business sectors whose average salaries are processed by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, in seven, salaries were above the republic average, while in 11 they were lower. Those employed in the financial and insurance sectors had almost two average republic salaries in August – RSD 89,390.

    In August, the employees in the sector of financial services earned RSD 99,420 and those who work in the production of tobacco products earned RSD 95,526. In August, a slightly higher amount than tobacco producers was earned by the employees in the exploitation of crude oil and natural gas – RSD 95,793. For the employees in the sector of scientific research and development, the average salary in August was RSD 94,789.

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