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    The Agency gave its consent to the exemption of Turkish Stream through Serbia from third party access

    The Council of the Energy Agency of Serbia (AERS) has approved to Gastrans the exemption from the application of third party access rules to the future gas pipeline that will go through Serbia and be connected to the Bulgarian and Hungarian transport system for the period of 20 years.

    This main gas pipeline, 403 km long, with an annual technical capacity of 13.88 billion cubic meters of gas, would be a part of the gas pipeline Turkish Stream that would transport gas from Russia to Turkey, and farther through Bulgaria and Serbia to other European countries. The gas pipeline would enter Serbia near Zajecar, and it would be connected to the Hungarian gas pipeline near Horgos.

    In the explanation of the decision on exemption, AERS stated that it took into account, as much as possible, the opinion of the Secretariat of the Energy Community submitted to the Agency on 5 February 2019.

    Gastrans, a joint Russian-Serbian company, requested the exemption from the obligation to apply regulated prices and the exemption from the obligation of ownership separation of the natural gas production and delivery segments.

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