State provides GUARANTEE for a loan to Srbijagas of EUR 169 million

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    State provides GUARANTEE for a loan to Srbijagas of EUR 169 million

    In order to accelerate gasification, the Serbian government has provided consent for Srbijagas to borrow an additional amount of EUR 169 millon, and guarantees for the repayment of that money to commercial banks will be provided by the state.

    Proposals for three laws on providing guarantees for Srbijagas’s loans have been submitted to the Parliament for adoption.
    The loans are intended for the gasification of Kolubara District, parts of the Bor and Zajecar Districts, as well as Jablanica and Pcinja Districts.

    For the construction of the distribution gas pipeline on the route Belgrade-Valjevo-Loznica, EUR 75 million is necessary, and for covering the costs of the construction of the gas pipeline in the area of Paracin-Boljevac-Rgotina-Negotin-Prahovo, slightly less, i.e. EUR 66 million.

    The least money from the loan, EUR 28 million, will be provided for the construction of the section of the distribution gas pipeline between Leskovac and Vranje.

    “The reason why the state will back up this loan taken by Srbijagas is the fact that its strategic commitments define that gasification is a strategic project that would, in addition to environmental protection, create conditions for attracting foreign investors in these areas, because foreigners bypass them due to the lack of gasification.”

    In addition, these projects will create conditions for the construction of distribution gas pipelines in all the settlements and connecting industrial, communal and individual consumers, the Blic daily was told by the Government.

    The daily reports that it is estimated that there are about a million households in Serbia that use solid fuel to heat their homes, and with these investments their number would be halved by the end of 2022, which would significantly reduce the environmental pollution caused by them.

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