Bread rises in price by RSD 10 - prices in the south will be the same as in Belgrade

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    Bread rises in price by RSD 10 – prices in the south will be the same as in Belgrade

    The price of a loaf of white bread in Nis and central Serbia will be five to ten dinars higher than now.

    So far, bread in these parts of Serbia has cost from 30 to 35 dinars, and after the adjustment it will cost from 35 to 40 dinars, the same as in the other parts of the country.

    As the president of the Union of Bakers of Serbia, Zoran Pralica, explains for the BIZLife portal, this is a slight adjustment of prices, and not a classic price increase, which was requested by industrial bakers from Nis and central Serbia.

    In these parts of Serbia, a loaf of bread is significantly cheaper and the prices are now only adjusted, that is, their lower limit is increased, while the upper limit remains the same at the level of Serbia, he says.

    “There are a lot of industrial producers with a small market and they are trying to conquer it, so they supply supermarkets and they lower the price of the basic type of bread, so that their other goods would be accepted for sale, on which they make high profit, such as pastries, special types of packaged bread and similar products which are more expensive,” he says.

    Now they can no longer withstand such low prices.

    Pralica adds that oil and margarine have become more expensive, which is why some bakery products that contain more margarine and oil cost about five dinars more.

    Izvor: BIZlife

    Foto: Pixabay

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