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    State HELPS young mothers buy apartments

    The Government of Serbia has adopted new measures concerning financial assistance to families with children, it tripled the one-time financial assistance and financial support will be provided for the purchase or construction of an apartment.

    After the New Year, all the firstborn children in a family will get from the state RSD 300,000 of one-time cash support.

    „Another big change was presented to the ministers, which includes the introduction of an entire section that will regulate the issue of financial support for the construction, down payment or purchase of a detached house or apartment based on the birth of a child,“ and the mother will be registered as the owner of the real estate, while only in exceptional cases, for example, in the case of the death of the mother, the father of the child will be registered,“ Tatjana Macura, from the association“ Mame su zakon“ says for the Novosti daily.

    Mothers who have citizenship and residence in Serbia are entitled to the funds from the state budget for the purchase of an apartment, but also those who have the status of a foreign citizen or a foreigner with permanent residence, provided that the child was born in our country.

    Izvor: 021, Novosti, Euronews

    Foto: BIZLife

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