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    Tomislav Momirović, rekonstrukcija Pančevca

    Ministry issues location requirements to Rio Tint for jadarite plant construction

    Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Tomislav Momirovic, has confirmed that the ministry has issued location requirements to Rio Tinto for the construction of plants in which jadarite ore will be processed, but that this was a condition for the Environmental Impact Study.

    „Location requirements are a prerequisite for conducting an Environmental Impact Study. We cannot make decisions, we cannot present to the citizens data on the impact of that project on the environment without that study. „Very soon, people will be able to see what this project carries in terms of negative impact on the environment,“ Momirovic told reporters.

    He emphasized that the state „is not pushing anything under the carpet and it is not hiding anything from the citizens“.

    „We have been dealing with a commitment that was made a long time ago and we are trying to make everything transparent. When that study is done, we will present it and people will be able to make an adequate decision,“ the minister said.

    Momirovic pointed out that the bypass around Loznica had nothing to do with Rio Tinto, although director of Putevi Srbije transferred the authority to that company for the collection of documentation for the construction of road infrastructure in the vicinity of Loznica, where a lithium mine is planned to be opened.

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