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    SHORTAGE of pellets in the south, sellers are not satisfied with the LIMITED price

    Leskovac-based pellet sellers stated with the Beta agency that there is a shortage of this renewable biofuel and the demand is high because people started purchasing supplies earlier than expected, because they are afraid that it will not be on the market in the coming months.

    And while some blame foresters and lumbermen for this situation, others believe that the main reason for the pellet shortage is the export ban and the price limit of RSD 38,000 per tonne.

    „We have pellets on the market, but it is warehoused because the current limited price policy does not suit large producers. The price of raw materials is increasing on daily basis, and industrial electricity is 70 percent more expensive“, said one of the sellers and producers of pellets from Leskovac.

    He identified foresters and lumbermen as the biggest culprits for the entire situation „because they saw they could manipulate the price of raw materials – wood and sawdust“.

    Mladen Zivkovic, the commercial salesman of Leskovac-based trade shop „IND grejanje“, said that there is a shortage of pellets everywhere, that they currently do not have it in stock, but they hope that it will arrive soon. „We sell it at RSD 35 to RSD 36 per kilogram, we try to stay at that price,“ Zivkovic pointed out.

    And while sellers are unhappy about the shortage and ban on the import of pellets, certain customers are complaining that they have to cancel orders due to the high price and are thinking of using gas as heating fuel this winter.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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