Serbian Ministry of Economy sells "Kosmet prevoz"

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    Serbian Ministry of Economy sells “Kosmet prevoz”

    Serbian Ministry of Economy has announced today a public invitation to collect letters of interest for participation in privatization process of the transportation company “Kosmet prevoz” from Kosovska Mitrovica.

    Interested buyers should submit proposal of the privatization model by April 24th, in accordance with the Law on Privatization, proposal of the indicative price, the investment program, business framework and number of people who they would permanently employ.

    A letter of interest does not oblige the investor to submit an offer once sale of “Kosmet prevoz” is advertised.

    The Republic of Serbia owns 51 percent of “Kosmet prevoz” that carries out urban and suburban passenger transport and employs 115 people. The enterprise has fixed assets worth around RSD175.4 million and a working capital of RSD2.2 million.

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