Serbian employers demand: Cut quarantine period to five days

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    Serbian employers demand: Cut quarantine period to five days

    Due to the epidemiological situation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to organize work, because a large number of workers are absent from work due to mass infection or close contact with the infected people.

    For that reason, they support the measure of cutting quarantine period at home for the close contacts of COVID-19 positive people.

    Svetlana Budimcevic of the Union of Employers of Serbia has told BIZLife that employers are already used to doing business in a pandemic, but now, in the new wave of the epidemic, there are additional difficulties with the organization of work, because a large number of employees are absent.

    She points out that maintaining the balance between protecting the health of the population and the functioning of the economy is a priority task.

    “We demand all this, because we assume that the medical experts are by now familiar with the virus, the ways it is transmitted, the course of the recovery of those infected and other important facts about the disease. This is also connected to the conclusion that the predominant omicron variant has a shorter time from infection to transmission to other persons, as well as that it is less dangerous. We suggest that in this situation, for the purpose of the functioning of the economy, and taking into account the characteristics of the new predominant variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, whose symptoms are manifested in a very short period of time, the additional possibility of cutting quarantine period for close contacts should be considered. We emphasize that such solutions have already been adopted in some European countries. For example, Great Britain and Switzerland reduced this quarantine to five days,” she said.

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