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    Serbia is their FIRST investment MARKET: What do we know about Metito company?

    The city of Zrenjanin will get a water treatment plant that will solve the long-standing problems in water supply faced by the citizens of Zrenjanin.

    As a reminder, the Agreement on the Implementation of the Drinking Water Treatment Project in Zrenjanin was signed yesterday, between the City of Zrenjanin, PUC Vodovod i kanalizacija and the world’s leading provider of intelligent water management solutions, multinational company Metito.

    The contract covers the development, modernization and operation of the water treatment plant in Zrenjanin for the next 25 years.

    The total planned investment for the development of the water treatment plant project amounts to approximately 18 million euros.

    The Metito company thus expands the scope of sustainable investments in the water management sector in Serbia, given the investment of EUR 32 million in the development of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) project, also in Zrenjanin, it is stated.

    Serbia is THE FIRST MARKET of this company

    According to the press release, Serbia is the first market in Central and Southeast Europe in which Metito will invest a total of 50 million euros, and this choice was made in light of the company’s view that the country’s strategic position, economic stability, leadership vision and capable people provide a favourable environment for investors and a great potential for sustainable growth.

    Metito considers the project in Zrenjanin to be one of the priority projects that are in line with the vision „Serbia 2020 – 2025“, as it is pointed out.

    Izvor: BIZlife

    Foto: Reem Saleh, Pixabay, Printscreen Beta

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