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    C&A leaves Serbia: „They SMUGGLED and sold Chinese goods“

    The fashion chain C&A (C&A Moda RS D.o.o. Beograd) is preparing to leave Serbia, after the state discovered that they had been smuggling Chinese goods for almost seven years, thus damaging Serbia’s budget for EUR 6 million.

    This information is now spreading among a total of about 130 workers to whom management has officially announced that it was a matter of days when the company could close the doors and leave them jobless.

    „The company’s management convened a meeting on Monday afternoon, at which it was announced that it could soon stop working,“ according to the interlocutors of the Blic daily.

    The Customs Administration has launched proceedings against C&A, after it discovered machinations in the summer of 2021 in relation to the import of goods that are not their brand.

    “For almost 7 years this company worked against the law with the Austrian logistics company Quehenberger. Together, they made it possible to formalize the smuggled Chinese goods as theirs, by stamping the goods, which was supposed to be proof of authenticity. After the initiation of the proceedings by the Customs Administration, the logistics company changed its name to Transfer, in order to preserve its reputation and be able to continue working in Serbia,“ our well-informed source says.

    C&A opened its first store in Serbia in 2012. They operate in 14 branches throughout Serbia, mostly in shopping centers. They have become popular in Serbia due to lower prices.


    Izvor: Blic

    Foto: Pixabay

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