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    Serbia is a „bypass“ for Western companies operating in Russia

    Because of the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, more and more companies from Western Europe which operate in Russia or Ukraine are moving business to other countries, and one of them is Serbia, according to real estate brokers, who claim that suitable business premises in our country are being „eyed“, primarily in Belgrade.

    Milic Djokovic of the Real Estate Broker Group of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, says for Tanjug that Serbia is convenient for them as a „bypass“ variant because they can work with these states from our country almost normally.

    „That is why we are chosen as an intermediate solution, until further notice,“ says Djokovic. He adds, however, that everything is still reduced to searching and examining the field, and very little is realized.

    „Business owners are not exactly willing to rent expensive commercial properties for, for example, 15 days, a month or two. This is not done, since such properties are rented for a longer period of time, for a couple of years, because the rents are high and it is not in the interest of the owners for someone to rent the property and leave it in 20 days, a month or two,“ he explains.

    He states that commercial properties are mostly sought by companies from Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, and when it comes to business areas, most of them are from the IT sector, energy, agriculture.

    „They are looking for serious commercial properties with good infrastructure, lots of parking spaces, etc. The companies from the IT sector need primarily houses, where there are also relaxation rooms, recreational facilities and the like,“ says Tanjug’s interviewee, adding that good internet in these properties goes without saying.

    According to Djokovic, it is difficult to assess whether everything will remain at the presently expressed interest and checking the pulse or whether it will result in concrete jobs.

    Izvor: Euronews, Tanjug

    Foto: Pixabay

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