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    Serbia exported 30,000 tons of ice cream in 2021.

    Last year, Serbia exported 30,000 tons of ice cream worth EUR 63.5 million. According to the data of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, ice cream was exported mostly to countries of the region, the „Blic“ daily web portal reported.

    „We export ice cream to regional markets, the highest amount to Bulgaria, 7,415 tonnes, and only slightly less to Greece, 5,351 tonnes. In terms of quantity, the United Kingdom is our third largest importer of manufactured ice cream. The data show that we export 2,352.4 tonnes to this country, while we export just a little less to Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2,246 tonnes respectively,“ the web portal published.

    As stated, 2,026 tonnes of ice cream were exported to Romania and 1,918 tonnes to Poland. Slightly less was exported to Montenegro, 1,625 tonnes, as well as Germany, 1,530.9 tonnes. The least amount of ice cream was exported to North Macedonia, 1,255 tonnes, and Croatia, 1,226 tonnes.

    Ice cream production in Serbia amounted to 42,114 tonnes in 2021, while a year earlier 33,818 tonnes were produced.

    Unlike the export of ice cream from Serbia, the import into the country was significantly lower, but the data of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce show that the import of ice cream from 2016 to 2020 was still on a continuous rise.

    According to data from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, 7,892 tonnes of ice cream were imported into Serbia last year, worth a total of EUR 20.8 million.

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