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    Sapic decides: City takes over ticket charging system in GSP

    Mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Sapic, has said that the City will take over the system of charging tickets in public transport, i.e. it will establish a public company that will do so.

    Sapic announced that the contract with the Turkish company Kentkart, which was awarded the job of charging tickets and managing public transport vehicles in Belgrade last year, would be terminated, for a period of 13 years.

    „We will take over the task under appropriate conditions, no one else will charge tickets and have insight into it, nor will the money from the citizens of Belgrade go through someone else’s hands. No one will take a percentage of our tickets anymore, instead we will invest in our public transport, charge tickets, people will know where the money is going and we will be responsible for it,“ Sapic said after a meeting with the community service police officers about new measures for a more efficient functioning of the municipal system in Belgrade.

    The mayor said the community service police would expand the scope of operations, control and surveillance.

    „We react to most things after citizens contact us, and it will no longer be the case. Our goal is that there is not a single thing in the city that causes them problems or any kind of inconvenience, without us being the first to know about it and communicating it within our system,“ said Sapic.

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