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    Russians coming to Serbia in organized groups in order to get Pfizer VACCINE

    Russian travel agencies sell massive numbers of package deals to their citizens who want to go abroad to receive foreign vaccines against coronavirus.

    Specifically, Russians are frustrated because their domestically produced vaccines are not approved internationally.

    Also, Russia has not registered for use a single vaccine of foreign production. So far, four domestically produced vaccines have been approved in this country. The World Health Organization and the European Union have not approved any Russian vaccines.

    Most Russians go to Serbia for vaccination, and for this they pay between EUR 600 and 850, and one agency also offered Germany as a destination. Tourists coming to Serbia can choose one of the four available shots, including the Pfizer vaccine, ATOR has said in a press release.

    If travellers pick a two-dose vaccine, they have to book two tours.

    Anna Filatovskaya from the Russian Express tourist agency, which offers these trips, says that clients mostly select Pfizer vaccine.

    She adds that the package deals include return flights, two to three nights with breakfast in hotels in Belgrade, as well as going to the vaccination point. The vaccine itself is free of charge, but the agency registers clients for immunisation.

    „We started selling these tours two weeks ago, and at that time there were approximately 20 applicants,“ she says.

    However, as she says, the demand went up on Wednesday, after local media reported on the availability of these tours.

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