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    Lawyers TO SUSPEND WORK for one day

    The Board of Directors of the Serbian Bar Association made a decision on a one-day suspension of lawyers’ work on Friday, September 24.

    As stated on the website of the Association, on the day when the work is to be suspended, Serbian lawyers will not participate in proceedings before courts and other bodies, without exceptions.

    The Association also states that the media should inform the citizens about the suspension of work and its consequences, with, as they say, „information that the only culprit for the suspension is the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC).“

    Last week, the Supreme Court of Cassation adopted an amendment to its position from May 2018, according to which the courts have ruled so far when it comes to civil lawsuits against banks in relation to the charging of loan processing costs.

    According to this amendment, banks have the right to charge fees for loan processing, without any obligation to include the structure and amount of individual costs of which these fees consist. The same applies to the collection of housing loan insurance premiums from the National Corporation for Housing Loan Insurance.

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