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    „RULEBOOK“ on MEDIA conduct during election campaign arrives

    The Interim Supervisory Authority for monitoring the media during the election campaign has published guidelines according to which the media in Serbia before and after the elections should enable „permanent public debate on all important social issues“, as well as the media coverage of „different and critical opinions“.

    The guidelines apply to all the media that have news programs, shows and content, and as stated, public broadcaster Radio-televizija Srbije (RTS) and Radio-televizija Vojvodine (RTV) have a special obligation to organize a permanent debate on important social issues as public broadcasters.

    „Their obligation is to make it possible to hear different opinions, even critical ones, and to organize dialogue and confrontation between the representatives of various political organizations, civil society organizations and competent citizens, but, in the period when elections are called, the criteria of reciprocity cannot be valid; instead the principles of current events and concrete engagement will apply,“ it is written in the guidelines.

    The Interim Supervisory Authority called on the media to, without delay, establish „the most balanced attitude possible“ towards political entities and to equally invite the representatives of the government and the opposition to radio and television programs.

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