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    Recognized certificate from Serbia does NOT automatically mean that we can go to EU

    The decision of the European Commission that the digital green certificate of Serbia complies with the digital covid certificate of the EU does not mean that Serbian citizens who possess it will automatically be able to enter all the countries of the European Union.

    The decision of the recognition of covid certificates from Serbia, which takes effect on Tuesday, does not change the position of individual EU member states on which vaccines they recognize and which they do not.

    Most EU member states still do not recognize the Russian and Chinese coronavirus vaccines, which many in Serbia have received, since the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has not yet approved their use.

    The essence is that the digital covid certificate is not a travel document and that the citizens of Serbia who possess it do not automatically exercise the right to enter the EU, according to the EU info network.

    Holders of the Serbian certificate still have to check whether they meet the specific conditions prescribed by the EU member state they want to enter.

    Each covid certificate, in addition to information on the vaccines received, also contains information on the covid-19 disease and the PCR or antigen test.

    EU member states set different conditions when it comes to the recognition of vaccines and the issue of confirmation of a past disease. An overview of country restrictions is available at

    The key change after the decision of the European Commission refers to the reading of QR codes in cafes, restaurants, museums and other institutions in the EU member states.

    Until now, citizens of Serbia with a digital green certificate have been able to enter EU countries, but it was not possible to read the QR codes they possessed in cafes, restaurants and museums.

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