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    Freelancers „breathe a sigh of relief“: They got EXTENSION of existing tax conditions from the Government

    The Government of Serbia has accepted the proposal of the Association of Online Workers to extend the current tax solution until the adoption of a new law, for at least another year.

    Previously, freelancers issued a press release since December 31 was approaching, when the deadline prescribed by the amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax for defining the final solution for taxation of this group of workers was going to expire.

    The association noted that it was „extremely important that the new law, which will come into force on January 1, contains the same conditions.“

    „At the next session on Thursday, the government will propose an amendment that extends the validity of the existing conditions next year. The new amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax are expected to be adopted in the Assembly next week,“ the Association of Online Workers stated after the meeting in the Government.

    „We believe that online workers cannot simply wait for January 1 by agreeing to the worst tax calculations, according to which the non-taxable part of income is only RSD 18,300, while levies to the state, along with the full amount of taxes and contributions, cover over 50 percent of earnings,“ said the association last week, noting that many freelancers had lost their jobs, that their income had dropped significantly, while competition was growing in the pandemic.

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