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    Prime Minister acknowledges two biggest challenges of Serbian economy

    Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, said today that, in her opinion, the biggest structural challenges that the Serbian economy would face were the lack of labour force and ensuring energy stability.

    Furthering education reforms

    „Structurally and essentially, the biggest challenges are the lack of labour force and energy,“ Brnabic said at the presentation of the „White Book 2021“ of the Foreign Investors Council.

    She pointed out that it was necessary to go further into the reform of education, i.e. to continue supporting dual education.

    „I am glad that we have introduced dual education at the faculties as well, and we must see additionally with the economy how it can be included in that system, both in high schools and faculties,“ said Brnabic.

    According to her, 12 training centres were being opened for training, acquiring additional qualifications and re-qualifications of workers for jobs that are needed on the market.

    She emphasized that it was very important for the Government of Serbia to continue „targeting measures for the return of the diaspora“, specifying that this was going well when it came to highly educated staff, but that the return of plumbers, welders, electricians and drivers was still a big problem.

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