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    Quarter of Serbs save less than RSD 2,000 a month

    In 2020, the citizens of Serbia saved an average of RSD 5,210 a month, while 25 percent of citizens saved less than RSD 2,000, according to the survey by the Erste Group, conducted by the IMAS International agency.

    A survey on savings in Serbia in 2020 showed that 47 percent of citizens believe that their financial situation has remained unchanged in the last two to three years, while 25 percent stated that it has deteriorated.

    According to the survey, 36 percent of Serbian citizens think that saving is very important, while 15 percent of the total number of respondents use life insurance, and 44 percent of them do not save at all.

    The results of the survey showed that 35% of citizens are not satisfied with the amount of savings, and 28% have saved or invested 28% less than in the previous two or three years.

    Of those who saved less, 35 percent say that the reason is the fact that they currently have a lower total household income and less money at their disposal, while the other reasons include an increase in the cost of living and the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The financial reserve for unplanned expenses is the motive for savings among citizens in 75% of cases, while pensions and care for the elderly are ranked second with 18%, according to the Erste Group’s survey on people’s attitudes, behaviour, motives and strategy regarding savings and investments.

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