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    Mali’s message to influencers: Pay taxes, this is not a hobby!

    „It is not disputable that influencers and freelancers, those who earn income from abroad, should pay taxes,“ said Minister Sinisa Mali.

    He recalled that the 2003 law had not changed and that all those who earned money should pay taxes and that it was their obligation to file tax returns.

    „It is not a hobby, you do business and you make money, if you cannot do it yourself, get a tax advisor and get it done,” Mali said.

    He expressed his belief that most of them paid taxes, but that some did not manage it, and that the Tax Administration was there to help.

    „We can clarify some things, the tax office fills out their tax returns when they cannot do it alone, I do not think anyone in the world would do that „, said Mali, adding that maybe in 2003 there were not many people who earned money in that way, but now, due to the circumstances, this matter was in the center of attention.

    As he said, new solutions are possible in the future, but these are liabilities that refer to the past period and he expects those who earn money from abroad to pay taxes just like everyone else.

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