Programmers’ salaries are increasing in Serbia, even doubling

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    Programmers’ salaries are increasing in Serbia, even doubling

    Programmers’ salaries in Serbia, according to unofficial data, have doubled in a year, Nevenka Rangelov from Startit Centre has said.

    In her statement for Prva TV station Rangelov has said that this is information based on unofficial data, and according to that organization’s data from last year, an average salary of programmers in Serbia was EUR1,500.

    “For senior programmers salaries even go over EUR4,000. It seems that programmers’ salaries are equal to salaries in Berlin, which is fabulous when we compare living standard. With salaries in IT industry, you can live fantastically in Serbia,” Rangelov has said.

    She has said that this is something that motivates people to stay and work here.

    “We hope they will launch their companies too and make their products, which would further contribute to export and the entire economy,” she is of an oppinion.

    Izvor: TV Prva/ B92

    Foto: Pixabay

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