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    Prime Minister REVEALS there were plans for Vucic’s ASSASSINATION

    Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, has said that the assassination of President Aleksandar Vucic was planned, and that the allegations about wiretapping Vucic and the „Jovanjica“ affair are attempted coups.

    „It was planned for a long time and in detail. Parallel structures were formed in the Ministry of the Interior (MUP) and campaigns were conducted in the tycoon media, which were also broadcast by the media in the region in order to dehumanize Vucic and turn him and his family into a criminal clan,“ Brnabic told Pink TV.

    She said that the assassination of Vucic was planned at the unveiling of the Monument to Stefan Nemanja in Belgrade, on January 27 this year, but she did not provide details or explain why the prosecutor’s office did not initiate proceedings against the culprits.

    She emphasized that the competent services were dealing with those cases and that no one would be protected, regardless of „the name and surname, official position or party affiliation“.

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