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    Vucic talked to Orban: We are ready to build NUCLEAR POWER PLANT

    After a meeting with Serbian member of the Presidency of BiH, Milorad Dodik, President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has said that he has discussed the economic situation with Dodik, especially the shortages of electricity.

    We have already talked with (Hungarian Prime Minister) Viktor Orban about building a nuclear power plant in Paks, and we are ready to be a minority owner, in order to ensure our energy security, especially because of our strengthening of economic activity, said Vucic.

    Vucic added that children in Serbia did not have to worry about whether they would have heating this winter, since Serbia had built an expensive and important gas pipeline on time.

    „It is also important to stress that the preparation of the planning project documentation for the construction of the Trebinje airport will be completed in March next year. The funds have been provided and we are going to expropriate the land; the deadline for completion is 2023. I believe that we will be able to see the first planes at Trebinje Airport before the end of 2023,“ the president said.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Beta

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