People in Serbia DO NOT LIKE working from home?

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    People in Serbia DO NOT LIKE working from home?

    Work from home, which is popular in the world, is still in its infancy in Serbia. According to trade unions’ estimates, about 100,000 employees in our country work online, while the Union of Employers expects that next year the new Labour Act could regulate work from home.

    The survey, which included 14,000 people across the European Union, showed that only 14 percent of them want to return to the employer’s work space with working hours from 9 am to 5 pm after the pandemic and after having worked from home.

    Unlike the surveyed Europeans, the employees in Serbia, according to our trade union leaders, do not share the satisfaction with working from home, primarily due to the lack of regulation in that area.

    There are no more precise indicators of the attitude of employees in Serbia towards working from home, because no survey has been done regarding that issue, according to the leaders of two trade unions, who still believe that our employees do not share such enthusiasm for working outside the employer’s premises.

    “As far as Serbia is concerned, as expected, no survey has been done, because you can only do a survey when the area of the work from home is regulated. All the European countries that have conducted such surveys have passed regulations that regulate work from home, where the employee-employer relationship is regulated as much as possible,” says Ranka Savic, president of ASNS.

    President of UGS Nezavisnost, Cedanka Andric, says that it is difficult, when it comes to us, to draw any parallels with what the EU survey has shown. People did work from home during the state of emergency, but, as she noticed, in different conditions.

    “In most cases, this meant that the employer did not technically provide or equip the employee with a computer, good internet, so it was a great improvisation at the time and I do not believe that most people in our country would decide to continue working from home. There should be a lot of prerequisites in order for work from home to be acceptable,” Andric points out.

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