Our expert in Forbes Communications Council

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    Our expert in Forbes Communications Council

    Tanja Tatomirovic, Communications Manager in Microsoft for the CEE Multi-Country Region, has been admitted to the Forbes Communications Council, a community, for which you can gain a membership by an invitation, which is consisted of experts in communications, marketing and public relations.

    Tanja is joining other members of the Forbes Communications Council, who are carefully selected to become a part of the carefully selected network of successful colleagues and gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits and resources, including the ability to publish, from leader’s position in their own industries, articles and brief tips from their areas on Forbes.com.

    Forbes Councils combine an innovative, highly personalized approach to community management, perfected by a team that stands behind the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), with rich resources and global Forbes’s impact. As a result, members of Forbes Council gain access to people, benefits and expertise they need to develop their business – as well as the contact person from lines of members who in function of a joined team member, provides one-to-one personalized support.

    “In addition to being extremely honored by the invitation to join Forbes Communications Council, above all I believe this is a great opportunity for the profession of public relations and communications to be further emphasized and to enrich its role in wider community. Relations with the community are important in all aspects, and those relations are carefully nurtured and promoted by our company, as well as the entire Microsoft’s team in Serbia, “said Tanja Tatomirovic, on the occasion of being invited to join the Council.

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