Tender for PKB announced: The union "bargained" the price

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    Tender for PKB announced: The union “bargained” the price

    The Ministry of Economy announced a tender for the sale of the property of “Poljoprivredni kombinat Beograd” (PKB) today, with a starting price of EUR104.5 million.

    Deadline for application is 10 September this year, and legal entities whose main business is agriculture and trade of agricultural products are entitled to participate.

    In the advertisement with a public call for bidding for the sale of PKB assets, published in today’s “Politika”, another requirement is stated – that interested buyers realized an income of at least EUR400 million in last business year independently or on a consolidated level. Consortiums which have at least 51% stake are also allowed to participate in tender.

    The estimated value of the land, buildings and equipment is EUR208.5 million, a share of 29 percent of Ekolab’s capital owned by the Equity Fund EUR214.700, and 45.77 percent of the Institute PKB Agroekonomik EUR431.300. The estimated value of the herd is EUR17.3 million, but that amount was not included in the starting price.

    The union of that enterprise warned yesterday that starting price for PKB will be at least four times lower than the real one.

    “We do not yet have official information about the starting price, but according to insights so far it will amount to just over EUR104 million, which for us is a real bargain,” President of the Independent Trade Union of PKB Milisav Djordjevic has stated.

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