Only one out of five drinks is legal

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    Only one out of five drinks is legal

    As much as 80 percent of trade of alcoholic beverages in Serbia is considered to be illegal, thus state is losing tens if not hundreds of millions of euros a year.

    This alarming data has been announced by Milos Ilic, President of the Group of Importers and Distributors of Alcoholic Beverages in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Our responsibility is very important in this segment, because illegal trade of alcoholic beverages significantly jeopardizes both lives and health of consumers, Ilic points out.

    We have prepared an action plan for the inspection sector, in battle against underground economy in field of trade of alcoholic beverages. We are following the good practice of workflow in tobacco, textile and coffee industry, and we want our workflow to become a part of the national plan in battle against underground economy.

    Izvor: Novosti

    Foto: Pixabay

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