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    Novi Sad procures tree spade for EUR 380,000

    Novi Sad should get a truck with a tree spade in the next six months, the portal finds out.

    This machine for the extraction and relocation of trees will be in the possession of PUC Gradsko zelenilo and the procurement is estimated to cost RSD 46 million excluding VAT.

    Public procurement is officially announced for the purchase of „a hydraulic device for the extraction and relocation of trees on a self-propelled chassis“.

    As stated in the technical specification, which had access to, the device is intended for the relocation of trees with a minimum diameter of 30 cm. Zelenilo requests the supplier to keep the diameter of the top ball of the spade with which the tree is extracted to a minimum of 225 cm, and the depth of the spade grip to a minimum of 150 cm.

    In total, the truck, i.e. the machine, should enable the transport of a tree with roots that will weigh a minimum of seven and a half tons.

    The tender of Gradsko zelenilo is open until October 21. The draft contract states that the deadline for delivery of the subject of procurement is no longer than 150 days from the date of advance payment, and if the public tender succeeds, Novi Sad will have a machine for moving trees during the spring.

    Until now, the local administration did not have machines that would be used to move primarily young trees along with the roots. Ecologists have repeatedly criticized Novi Sad for not having such equipment in order to save primarily some of young trees.

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