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    Export of Zastava oruzje to USA – basis for employing 2,500 people

    The Zastava Oruzje factory has secured full use of the capacity, job security and income for 2,500 employees in the next six years through a contract for the supply of hunting and sports weapons to the United States (US) market, worth US$234 million, said factory director Milan Petkovic.

    As Petkovic pointed out in a statement to the Beta agency, that contract is the biggest in the history of the Kragujevac-based factory and the export to the USA is a confirmation of the high quality of the products.

    „The first year of that contract has been completed, which will be realized in five more years. Every year, we should export products worth about 40 million dollars to the US market. The products are hunting and sports weapons,“ he said.

    According to him, the factory management is extremely satisfied with the overall business operation, because, as he stated, the best results in the past ten years have been achieved.


    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Beta

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