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    „Koridori Srbije“ TERMINATED the agreement with the Italians and initiated COLLECTION of bank guarantee

    Because they did not fulfil their contractual obligations in two years, „Koridori Srbije“ terminated the agreement with the Italian company „ELEF S.P.A.“ that equipped two tunnels on the eastern arm of the Corridor 10 near Dimitrovgrad, the enterprise announced. The agreement on procurement and installation of equipment in the tunnels „Progon“ and „Przojna Padina“ was signed with the Italian company in 2016, but following completion of works they did not remove deficiencies within the warranty period, as per instructions from „Koridori Srbije“. Considering that such irresponsible behaviour of the contractor is not acceptable, „Koridori Srbije“ sent the Notice on Termination of the Agreement to the contractor and initiated the procedure for collection of a bank guarantee in the amount of EUR 455,233.36, the enterprise announced. They added that, in cooperation with „Putevi Srbije“, they have taken all necessary measures to ensure uninterrupted traffic though the two mentioned tunnels, in both directions. Decorative lighting was installed in front of the very „Progon“ tunnel above Dimitrovgrad, and at the same time over 70 trees, which were below the bridge and shielded the view of the glowing bridge, were cut down.

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    Foto: Koridori Srbije

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