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    Momirovic promises: Bypass around Belgrade will be completed by March 2023

    Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic said today that the bypass around Belgrade, with the maximum mobilization of workers on the construction site, should be completed by March next year.

    “I am very pleased because we are entering the very finale of construction works. There is still a lot of work to be done and we have to mobilize fully in order for the project to be completed by March next year,“ Momirovic said during a tour of the works on sector 6 of the bypass around Belgrade, said the ministry.

    Bypass around Belgrade – what is left to be done?

    He added that the works were carried out on all bridges, and that only one section remained to be done.

    „After more than 30 years, I expect that next summer we will no longer have huge crowds through the center of Belgrade,“ Momirovic said.

    The head of the project and the representative of the Public Enterprise (PE) „Putevi Srbije“, Aleksandar Kostadinovic, pointed out that all the resources focused on sector 6 of the bypass around Belgrade and that nice weather was taken advantage of to do as much work as possible.

    The bypass around Belgrade project consists of several sectors in a total length of 20.4km.

    Last April, sector 4 was opened for traffic, 7.7 kilometers long, from the Sava bridge near Ostruznica to the Orlovaca and Petlovo Brdo loops, while sector 5 of the bypass around Belgrade, with the Strazevica tunnel, was opened for traffic in June this year.

    The competent ministry is implementing this project in cooperation with PE „Putevi Srbije“, the Chinese company „Power Construction Corporation of China“ and the Azerbaijani company „Asvirt“.

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